Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Ok so the Skins announced today the 1st 50,000 fans that enter FedEx on Sunday night against the Cowboys will get a free rally towel. Sounds great right??? Message to the Skins/980am who are sponsoring the event; FedEx holds 91,704fans meaning 41,704 fans are going to be towel-less? 50,000 would not even cover RFK? The first issue I have is why in the hell are you going to bring out the towel after last Monday nights game against the dirty cole miners? I think we saw enough yellow TP being waived at FedEx for a while. Maybe someone in the crack Marketing department thought we should try this towel thing and maybe we can win some games?? Not a bad idea but give it a few games after the great yellow invasion at FedEx. And when you are ready to do it get the WHOLE FRICKEN stadium a towel. Maybe they are expecting only 50,000 Redskins fans to attend this game?? 2nd issue I have is the sponsor who is 980am radio is part of Red Zebra broadcasting which is owned by Snyder. Why wouldn't the Danny spend a litte bit of cash and get the extra 41,704 fans a damn towel? This is very "Bush league" like. What's next the first 25,000 fans get a free mini plastic football or a schedule magnet? Come on Danny we are supposed to be the class of the NFL. Teams and fans across the league are going to be laughing about this. You have a few days to correct this dumb-ass decision. Get with it!

Speaking of dumb-ass why would Lavar come out today and call Joe Gibbs a coward for leaving after 4 seasons? Saying Gibbs was in it just for the quick cash?? Another message to Lavar -- Gibbs retired in January 08 why is Lavar just coming out and saying this today? I am sure the fact that Gibbs' grandson was sick with leukemia had nothing to do with it. Or maybe even one of his players getting shot and killed in his own house had nothing to do with it even though Gibbs's own house was broken into a few years back? Come on Lavar I know you took a few hits to the head during your playing days and with that nastey bike accident but how DUMB can you be? Next up for Lavar --- HIS "Sidelines" restaurant will be filing for Bankruptcy.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1-1 Against the Bums

Well the Skins have split with the so called "Bums" with a loss to the Rams and a WIN against the Browns. Pretty much the same for both games with the offense being a little slow going but had a strong running game late.

We should be tied with the Giants at the top of the NFC East if it was not for that debacle last week with the Rams. We need to get some points this week against the lonely Lions and finish them early so we can all relax and watch.

Tell me what is going on with Carlos Rogers? Maybe we can send Leigh Torrence to get ACL/MCL surgery with DR Andrews this off-season and have him come back ready for some football. Ade Jimoh would have been another player who could have used this injury for his own good but was not that lucky.

No videos of the Hip-Hip this week even though I did hear it went down with Marcus Washington leading the chant. We got something better with the 2 "Yo-Yo's" as Brian Gumbell likes to call them crashing the field this past Sunday.

Maybe we should move Randle-El to the punt cover team after looking at this tackle. What would we do without his 2 yard punt return average?


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Wow 4-1 who would have guessed? Tyler did and everyone seemed to doubt him. Seriously though we are looking good going into the next 3 games against teams who are 1-11 combined! I think we will know a lot more with how the Skins come out and play against the Rams. It should be a good test to make sure we don't start sleeping after the 2 big wins. Keep in mind the Skins are 8-2 over their last 10 games going back to last season.

What I have enjoyed most over the last 2 weeks are the videos captured after the games of the players, ZORNY, and of course the DANNY. So here is how I rank them.

3 - Jim Zorn with the 1st "new chant" after the Dallas Win. They are fired up!-

2 - Snyder fired up after the Dallas win. Where did his glasses go and did the team Doctor have to give him a "downer" to calm him down enough to get on the plane? Then Zorn calling out "Santana" to the media on stage!

1 - Snyder heading into the locker room after the Philly game. The man looks like me walking through the house after a BIG WIN!!

What's next the Danny sitting in the upper level at FedEx and eating in the parking lot before the game. Wow just imagin what it would be like to see The Danny being presented with the Lombardy trophy. The man's head seariously might blow off.

Hail To The Redskins!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Need I say more? Little Danny got his way today in Dallas!

How Bout Them Cowboys!!

You want to crown them? Crown their asses but there is nothing better then watching the Skins beat the "girls" in DALLAS!! The Skins looked sharp on both sides of the ball which was great to see! The Z-MAN might just know what the hell he is doing. The best part of the game for me was seeing Jerry Jones a.k.a "Bone Daddy" watch first hand from the sidelines.

Another take away from Horton tonight! He appears to be the man.

I was hoping we could split with the Cowboys and Eagles but imagine if we can take Philly next week and be 4-1 heading into what appears to be 3 easy games!! I guess we will see about 4-1 next week when we take on The Fat Bastard.

T.O has B.O


Monday, September 22, 2008

Finishing the games!

Skins are now 2-1! As stated in my prior blog I knew it was going to be a bad one when we heard the Danny was giving pep talks before the Giants game. At least the Giants have looked pretty sharp so far this season which makes our loss not look as bad as we all thought. I am guessing Snyder has been excused from pep talks since the Giants fiasco.

It has been nice to see the Skins actually putting teams away at the end of the game on their own with the offense! What a change from what we have seen with the past where we typically punt and then pray the defense stops the other team which did not always work. Speaking of punting ZORN has got it in for the new Rookie punter Brooks. First getting after him about the short punts against the Saints and then telling him off for icing their own kicker yesterday! I guess Zorn has to take it out on someone and does not have to worry about Brooks fighting back. I think the Skins were worried if they kept Froste he might throw his helmet and takeout Zorn on the sideline.

Now that things seem to be headed the right direction the Skins feel Cerratto has some spare time so they have signed him up to host his own radio show 2 times a week. Most would take this as a bad thing thinking he should be involved in key decisions and watching over things. I take this as a good thing. At least for these few hours each week we don't have to worry about him messing up anything unless he starts talking too much on the radio which is quite possible. Maybe if the radio works out for him he will move up and out of football and take the radio deal full-time! Just imagine if the Skins win against Dallas this week. Zorn, Campbell, Moss, Cooley, and Portis will all have their own shows as well. Who needs practice?

For all the Redskins collectors out there make sure to pick up this new Cooley bobble head minus little Cooley JR and his playbook(family friendly figure).

Last but not least here is a picture of a TRUE fan during the game yesterday. She must be "SUPER SMART" with all the notes and Power Points she has. We don't have the best fans for nothing!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Ok I have changed my mind about tomorrow's game after checking out Cooley's blog and reading THE DANNY is now giving motivational speaches. I AM MORE THEN CONCERNED NOW.

Cooley -
"This week our coaches were nothing short of outstanding in our NYG preparation. We even had a special owner pep talk to kick off our week and let me say Dan Snyder is a exceptional speaker. Really, no bullshit, he was awesome! He walked out the door and I was ready to put the pads on".

"Redskins football is violent, physical, violent f****** football! If we play that way we will win...if we don't...we will lose.

The Last Night Of Peace

We just have tonight to keep thinking about the Skins play and we will find out a lot more tomororw night when the real season starts. I am not sure what to think but Tyler continues to confirm the Skins will win tomorrow night in NY. I continue to worry about the offense. We saw how a new offense takes some time to get going when Uncle Al came to DC. I just hope they decide to RUN the ball until the passing game gets going in a few weeks. I think it was a good move to tell Jansen to take a seat after watching his play over the pre-season. You know the Giants will be coming after Campbell and he will get hit around pretty good. I think the defense will be good with or without J.Taylor. Speaking of Jason Taylor why was he drinking a glass of wine alone in a box at FedEx at kickoff against the Jaguars? All of the other injured players were on the sideline including players with leg injuries. I guess the dancing queen did not want to get wet in the rain. Maybe he will charter his own plane to NY for the game tomorrow???

And what about Derrick Frost's "Dear John" letter to Redskins fans? He and the media kept saying he was a fan favorite? Favorite what?? Whipping boy, all I heard over the last few years were BOOOOOOOS. Anyway I guess we will see what the rookie can do for us.

Hold on cause the season is about to start....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are we there yet??

Well 4 down and 1 pre-season game to go. So far we have seen some GOOD and some not so good. I am a little concerned as it seems the offense has taken steps back each game instead of moving forward. At least we only have 1 more game to watch tomorrow and then NO MORE EXCUSES as the real season starts. Good thing J.Taylor was so flexible from his dancing it might have saved his season and "ours" as well. Thank you Eddita Slevenski for the hard training you put Jason through.

Ok moving to other matters of concern. It's just been reported that the Chief's tomahawk was snatched prior to the Bills game a few weeks back at FedEx Field.

From the Style section of the Washington Post
On Aug. 9, the Chief -- a Washington Redskins superfan whose real name is Zema Williams-- set his signature prop down while he was signing autographs at the Redskins' preseason game against the Buffalo Bills. When he turned to retrieve it, it was gone -- subject to a prank or plain petty theft, he believes.

"I had that thing for 25 years. Anytime you saw me, I had my little tomahawk," Williams, 67, told us yesterday. "I don't see what they would do with it, but I'm sure whoever took it was playing a trick. I sat in the parking lot long after the game was over thinking someone would come out with it." But it never turned up.

The 12-inch tomahawk has a slender wooden handle with a rubber blade, and appears in many photos of Williams since he started attending Redskins games nearly 30 years ago. "It's my main piece -- it's got Sean Taylor 's number on it and everything," Williams said.

Williams isn't offering a reward, but hopes a good Samaritan will bring his tomahawk back: "If it's out there, please return it. It's a part of me."

How low can you go??? Well... it could be a nice piece of memorabilia. Tyler...where did you get your new toy from at FedEx????

Maybe that is why The DANNY ordered FedEx Security and the Defensive Chief (Greg Blache) himself to check Tyler out for the tomahawk!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Very Encouraging

Ok so as you can see from Tyler's picture from last Sunday nights game we should all be pretty encouraged with the Skins play. The offense looked sharp and it was nice to see Campbell hit Randle-EL, Moss, and Cooley right in the numbers! As for the defense it was a bit shakey but most of the starters were not playing. Hopefully we will see some improvement in this weeks game. I am just hoping this is not another Spurrier moment in Japan running it up on the 49ers then getting his ass kicked by all in the regular season.

So what about the Z-man calling out the 2 rookie wide-outs this week? I liked that. Flat out telling the truth to the media saying they were both out of shape and should be embarrassed. Gibbs would have told everyone they were both "SUPER SMART" and were fighting their guts out to get on the field and we would all wonder why they were not playing. And the 3rd player to fail his conditioning when camp started was no other then Captain Smoot. I guess he was hard at work during the off-season doing something other than football.

Hail to the Redskins! And the return to FedEx on Saturday.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dancing Queen.....

"You are like a firefly in heat chasing after a quarterback on the field. You go boy!" Bruno Tonioli, TV Judge - Dancing With the Stars

Mamma mia, here I go again, My my, how can I resist you? Oh sorry about that - Doing the Pasa Doble oh I mean playing the 4-3 Jason Taylor and his partner. Well that did not take long. After a very quiet off-season the Skins circus is back. I hope they don't up ticket prices due to this acquisition. A pretty big loss losing Daniels on day 1 but SNYDER and Cerrato pulled another one out of their sleeve. As much as I did not like to think about Taylor coming to the Skins I am not complaining at this point. I've been cursing him since he stepped on the dance floor saying no team would rightfully take him back after his embarrassment to the NFL - twinkle toe fairy, and even cursing about him when I first thought about the possiblity of him coming to the Skins when Daniels went down, but in a matter of seconds as I watched the "Breaking News" scroll along the bottom of my screen I became elated and was happy as hell to have signed him. I have never been a big fan of his but his sack numbers speak for themselves. We just need to stop the run behind him and Andre Carter and we should be good.

This move has SNYDER written all over it. He probably could not wait to get Taylor into his office and talk about Hollywood and maybe even go over a few of the steps Taylor used on TV. I heard they started out with the Electric Slide today, but it was cut short with the DANNY pulling a hammy. I know Mario Lopez is probably bummed as he will be replaced for the big Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve party by Taylor, as Taylor will be Ryan Seacrests' new butt buddy. I actually heard Taylor finally agreed to come to the Skins after hearing from "Choo Choo" Portis who has promised to dance with Taylor each morning in hopes of them making it big after their football careers are over.

Hold on everyone as we have only gotten through 2 days of camp and we are already all over ESPN. Please keep Favre with Madden in the cruiser far away from Redskins Park!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Season, New Leader, New Hopes, SAME OLD DISAPPOINTMENTS??

Wow what a fast off season and for the most part a very quiet one for the Redskins after we finally got a new coach. Oh you don't remember how all that went down? Take a look at this to refresh your memory. Again I don't know if Jim Zorn should be proud of his new position or flat out embarrassed. I guess we will see very soon.

As for the draft SNYDER, Cerrato, and zorn decided to go for playmakers on the offensive side of the ball. Forget line players we are getting pass catchers. One of them decided he could not tell time very well and ended up in zorn's office during the first off season practice he tried to attend. At least we did not trade half of the team to get Chad Johnson as it appeared we might pre-draft.

As normal we need to get through pre-season and training camp with limited injuries as McCintosh, Rogers, Jansen, and Thomas are all working on returning from last year's injuries. Unfortunately with 5 pre-season games most likely there will be some problems before the regular season starts.

As for the predictions of the upcoming season. I will leave this to Tyler to see how he does. As you can see he is deep in thought.

9/4 @ New York Giants - No Tiki, No Toothless Strahan, and the Skins ground the Giants with a "Win"

9/14 vs New Orleans - The Saints might come in but they will be leaving Washington with a loss. The Skins "Win" again!

9/21 vs Arizona - Nothing to say here but another "Win"

9/28 @ Dallas - I pooped on my Dallas diaper but the girls still won. "Loss"

10/5 @ Philadelphia - 2 years in a row we beat the ugly fat bastard in Philly! "Win"

10/12 vs St. Louis - Can't lose this one at home "Win"

10/19 vs Cleveland - Another easy one at home "Win"

10/26 @ Detroit - Poop on the Lions we win again. "Win"

11/3 vs Pittsburgh - We drop one at home to the dirty coal miners. "Loss"

BYE - No opportunity to lose this one!!

11/16 vs Dallas - Well rested and beat the girls this time. "Win"

11/23 @ Seattle - Will we ever win at this place "Loss"

11/30 vs New York Giants - Sweep the Giants. "Win"

12/7 @ Baltimore - Ravens SUCK we "Win"

12/14 @ Cincinnati - The Bengals could not field a team since they are all in prison. "Win"

12/21 vs Philadelphia - Donovan is benched by now or injured. "Win"

12/28 @ San Fran - A long road trip but we get a "Win"

So Tyler has the Skins going 13-3. We already have him brain washed as you can see!

Make sure to check out Portis's pre-season costume shopping on this video. Please just stay healthy and be ready for the first game to carry the full load whomever you are acting as on that Sunday.

Any rumors you hear about Favre going to the Skins are completely false. He is joining John Madden in the booth after the honeymoon.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Danny Called...

The Danny called earlier this week and of course I, and most Redskins fans answered. Yes - it's that time of year again to cut a fat check to the Danny for next years seasons tickets. As promised the ticket and parking prices did not increase, but he found a way to get a few extra bucks from me and others. Handling fees for the tickets went from $14.00 to $25.00! In addition to that charge the Skins did add a new online payment feature to eliminate the mailing process. But guess what, there is a $3.00 fee for that as well. So all in all the Danny is getting his extra $14 dollars per season ticket account, maybe this was Cerrato's big idea that got him promoted.

I guess we will see how many calls the Danny makes over the next day or two to free agents and who will answer??

Saturday, February 9, 2008

It's About Time

It only took about a month but we finally got a coach! I dont know if Zorn should be excited or embarrassed. I just find it interesting that Zorn has never even called a play and now he is going to be the play caller and HEAD coach.

I was in the Redskins Store today and even without a head coach (at that time) people were still buying stuff up including me. I guess we will never learn.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

What The Hell??

What a mess and of course it's has to be with the Redskins. Forget "The Danny" I will now refer to him as "Little Jerry"; and I am not talking about Kramer's pet rooster I am talking about Jerry Jones. Forget little it's going to be "Big Jerry" since the Danny one upped Jones with picking his Offensive and Defensive Coordinator before he even gets a head coach on board!! Who in their right mind would want to come on board as the coach with this circus going on? All of the respect Big Jerry got by bringing back Gibbs well he just lost all of it plus more. He would have been better off keeping the "Ball Coach" for the last 4 years as we would not have gotten our hopes up.

At least for now with them keeping Blache and what appears to be some of the defensive staff we have not entirely waisted the last four years. But don't worry Big Jerry and Cerrato are still working on that for us.

WHAT'S NEXT??? Maybe Big JERRY will remove Sean Taylor's sign from the inside of Fedex? Yeah that's a great idea to piss everyone off and lose even more fans. "Get on it Cerratto"

p.s - At least I don't have to see that lousy reverse called by Uncle Al anymore!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The BEST and worst of the 2nd Coming of Coach Joe

As you can see it has been a while since the last posting for me. When the Skins got on a roll with a few wins I was not blogging so I knew we were all in this together so I did my part with holding off on my blogs. Well the season has now ended with a short and disappointing run in the playoffs. I thought for about 7 minutes we were going to steal one in Seattle but it did not work out that way.

The bigger news is Gibbs resigning so I figured I would sum up the 2nd Coming with a best and worst list -

Best Assistant Head Coach Hiring - Buges - He brought a spark and was entertaining to the media and fans. Tried to get a new nick name for the O-Line "dirt bags" which never got going. He kissed Gibbs on the sidelines towards the end of the Dallas game to get into the playoffs.

Worst Assistant Head Coach Hiring - Saunders - The team went from 10-6 (2nd rd of the playoffs) to 5-11 with his play calling and more talented players. Everything Buges is and was, Saunders was not. Very rambling old man talking about the X/Y/Z position on the field that nobody could figure out except for his lousy crap reverse play call. It's a possibility his significant other is 100+ years old after seeing her get off the Greyhound in Seattle.

Above Par Assistant Head Coach - Gregg Williams - I did not want to leave him out. A very harsh article was written about him after the 2006 season in which he was portrayed as an ego maniac. I hope he will be named the next Head Coach of the Team.

Worst Coaching Position Created - In Gibb's first season he hired a retired referee to sit up in the box on game days and help with challenges. All thought this was a great idea and Gibbs seemed ahead of the league. The problem was I don't think we won a challenge all season and Gibbs decided that position was not needed by seasons end.

Where did he go Coach? - Offensive Coordinator Don Breaux started side by side with Gibbs on the sideline until mid-way through the first season when he disappeared into the box. I thought maybe he was trying to avoid the cold weather at his age but he he never reappeared on the sideline. Only mention I heard about Breaux since the 2nd coming was Gibbs talking about eating Turkey at the Breaux's house and how Breaux falls asleep yelling at the games on tv.

Worst Free Agent - Adam Archuleta

Best Free Agent - London Fletcher

Best Trade - Santana Moss

Worst Trade - B.Lloyd - The Skins gave up a draft pick and signed B.Lloyd to a new contract before he ever stepped on the field. He could be the happiest about Gibbs's departure as he still is on the roster. I also have to include the trade for TJ Duckett. What a powerhouse he was for us.

Worst Draft Pick - O that's right we did not have that many picks.

Best Draft Pick - Sean Taylor

Worst Post Game Comment - "He kind of fell on his butt out there". Gibbs talking about Moss's injury/fumbles against the Packers in 2007.

Most Fired Up- Gibbs weekly presser prior to the Detroit game in 2007. He made sure that everyone knows he wants balance in the offense. The players must have been scared and were swinging souls that week with a big win.

Best Win - Midnight miracle against Dallas in 2005. Seeing Snyder jumping in the box and pulling up his pants was great.

Worst Lost - Home loss against Buffalo after the death of Sean Taylor.

Best Moment - The announcement Gibbs was returning to the Skins.

Worst Moment - Sean Taylor's funeral.

Best Release of a Player - Lavar Arrington - This reminded us all that one player was not the TEAM.

Hard Fought Award - Lorenzo Alexander in the 2007 pre-season making a tackle without his helmet. This earned him a spot on the Offense, Defense, and Special Teams during the season.

Worst Luck - Jon Janson missing 2 out of the 4 full seasons during Gibbs's tenure. One of his "healthy" seasons he played with both of his thumbs broken for the whole year. The others were major injuries - Achilles tear and broken foot/ankle.

Front Office Mistake - Keeping Vinny Cerratto - Can we ever get rid of this guy?

Best Play Call - Portis pass - I think this worked all but once over the 4 years.

Worst Play Call - Jumbo package during the 2007 season

One lasting line - We are all in this together fighting our guts out.