Wednesday, April 11, 2007

11-5 Very Good

Open up that best bottle of Ballatore the Skins are going to the playoffs this season! That's right Jim Mora, I said playoffs. By going 11-5 this season, which is my prediction, the Skins will be in the playoffs. Now we can all ponder for the next 151 days until the action begins. Looking at the games seriously this is how we get to the 11-5 (being modest of course).

9/9 vs Dolphins-"W"
With a new coach and Cul-pooper at the helm how could we lose?

9/17 @ Eagles-"L"
Tough Monday Night division game, Eagles still suck.

9/23 vs Giants- "W"
No Tiki-Time in NY, Skins learn to tackle, and win big!

10/7 vs Lions- "W"
Lions have not won in DC since like 1937.

10/14 @ Packers-"W"
Taylor takes out Favre ends streak. Favre cries goodbye again.

10/21 vs Cardinals-"W"
No Denny Green, but the Cardinals still crown the Redskins asses.

10/28 @ Patriots-"L"
This one hurts but I have to be honest. Skins now 5-2

11/4 @ Jets-"W"
Big rebound game, Skins take one on the road!

11/11 vs Eagles-"W"
Skins fans throw more beer on Eagles fan. Skins win.

11/18 @ Cowboys-"L"
Skins flush one down the toilet

11/25 @ Buccaneers-"W"
Skins win again in Tampa and sink the pirate ship.

12/2 vs. Bills-"W"
Skins win after coming home from two road games.

12/6 vs. Bears-"L"
Short week and a tough home loss.

12/16 @ Giants-"L"
Defense forgets to tackle again in NY.

12/23 @ Vikings-"W"
Payback for the embarrassing lost last year.

12/30 vs. Cowboys-"W"
FedEx home crowd, last game, nothing stopping us!

I am sure Uncle Al has already got the game plan in for the first six games. I just hope another member of the coaching staff actually takes a look at his plans before the year starts. My memo to Uncle Al is - Run the damn ball before week 9 or 10 this year. And speaking of game plans I received the following email from Joe Gibbs' ministries today, kind of weird for his 1st "game plan" of the bible coming out on the day the schedule is set. I guess Gibbs has got the bible covered, Uncle Al has covered the on-field prep, and I have now set the expectations.

From -

"Dear Matt Stnons,

We hope you're having a great week! The first off-season Game Plan, "The Bible, God's Inspired Word," is now available. You can access the Game Plan by clicking on the links below.

Study 1: The Bible, the Inspired Word of God – Week of April 12, 2007 - Video
Study 1: The Bible, the Inspired Word of God – Week of April 12, 2007 - Audio
Study 1: The Bible, the Inspired Word of God – Week of April 12, 2007 - Hard Copy

God Bless,
- The Joe Gibbs Online Team