Friday, February 27, 2009

Skins win in February!

What the hell happened? The last thing I remember was diving into a pile of fans reaching for one of the 50,000 rally towels they were handing out against the Cowgirls on 11/16. Next thing I wake up from my wishful "pipe" dream and find out the Skins finished 8-8 for the season losing 6 out of their last 8 games.

What happened to the Hip Hip Hoooray? What happened to the "DANNY" running around on TV after the games chanting and sweating like he just played in the game with his suit and tie? Things were looking so promising for Zorn and the team. As Chucky Miller from Can't Buy Me Love would say Zorn went from Geek Status to KING STATUS to no status. What a depressing way to end the season but we all should have expected this. How would a rookie head coach make that much of a difference with very little personal changing from the prior season. It seems like it was a reversal from the last 4 years where we start a little slow and finish strong to eek into the playoffs. I am just glad the Danny is giving Zorn another season to see what he can do with one season under his belt. Zorn better get it right this upcoming year as there is a herd of out of work coaches that are wearing Super Bowl rings waiting for the call from the Skins.

So lets move into the best time of the season which started today with Free Agency. Of course the Skins jumped right in and got Albert Haynesworth "FAT ALBERT" but they filled a need on the line. At least they did not go out and pay for another high price Tight End or something they did not need. Haynesworth SHOULD be able to help the defense and actually get a pass rush for us. I think releasing Springs and Washington was the right move with both players missing multiple games over the last two seasons with minor injuries. They were able to use this money to secure Hall and improve the defense which is what wins championships.

Keep the faith and Hail!

This just in - Skins signed Dockery back. Welcome back Derrick but I won't forget you dissing me in my robe in the parking lot.

Excert from my 3/2/07 blog about Dockery leaving for the Bills -
"My prediction for the "dick" I mean "Dock" is he will beef back up as he was prior to this past season and lead the league or at least the AFC in false starts and holds. Maybe he can get lucky and get involved in some illegal activities and beg to come back to the Skins and Buges in a few years".

Am I good or what?

2009 Week 1 prediction - "False Start #66".