Monday, September 17, 2007

SKINS 2-0! FAT BASTARD 0-2!!!!

This just in - Skins beat Fat Bastard aka Andy Reid and are 2-0! This win was not predicted and a big surprise for me as the Skins usually struggle big time on Monday night. The play calling was very different tonight compared to most prime time games since Gibbs return. Uncle Al must have put in some hours to get away with this win and brought the whole playbook with him to the game. All I must say is I am glad the Skins have no more games left on ESPN; their coverage SUCKS and I don't want to look at fat face Charles Barkley the entire 3rd quarter. I was waiting for Thunder Dan Marley and Danny Ainge to get in the booth better yet why didn't they just bring in the Phoenix Sun's Gorilla to call the game? And as for the actual football talk it was nice to hear them talk about Fat Bastard's criminal sons for about 8 mins in the first half.

Big drive at the end of the 1st half. I am just glad the Skins QB coach Bill Lazor got things calmed down and actually gave Gibbs the blowoff sending the Offense back on the field to get 2 fall start penalties and the TD pass to Cooley! I loved seeing all those sorry ass Philly fans crying or passed out in their beer by the end of the 1st half. I can't believe the Skins actually went for the knock out punch with the long ball overthrown to Moss but it was better then in years past 3 runs for 2 yards and a punt and they should connect on the long ball during the year.

So now we must face the 0-2 Giants at Fedex on Sunday. Classic gimme game for the Skins that we seem to have problems with but we should get this one for sure!

What a great Tuesday and week this should be!

Hail to The Redkins!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


1 down 15 to go. Yes the Skins won the opener Sunday as predicted here in a low scoring game that the Skins pulled out late. Who cares how they did it or how long it took a "W" is a "W" and we got one. We only need four more wins to match last seasons totals!

The day started early leaving Richmond about 7:30am and headed up 95 seeing a bunch of Skins fans on the way with their car flags flying. Did see one idiot Dolphin car which was in the emergency lane broken down hopefully he did not make it! Got to the FedEx parking lot about 9:30am unloaded the car and set up the tailgate. Nothing like starting the morning with a Coors Light and a few burgundy and gold jello shots.

Got to see a nice Motorized Cooler! that the guy parked next to us had which looked like a nice ride but I could probably get into a little trouble with it after a few drinks. A new issue that I have with the Danny as far as the parking lot is the major decrease in don johns. I thought maybe during the pre-season they just cut back because of less fans but after Sunday I found out quickly that was not the case. You need to walk about 100 yards to get to the "John" compared to years past when they were every 35 yards or so. The Danny is always looking for ways to cut back but now he is affecting my bladder which I won't stand for. I am thinking I might have to forget the Motorized Cooler idea and get a pickup with a "John" in the back?

Also celebrating Dad's birthday at the game we of course had to incorporate the Skins so what better then a home made Redskins cake made by Lisa? So after the food, cake, brew, and more Jello shots it was time for the stuff to be packed back up in the car and get inside for the show.

As for the game I think it was a loss for the Skins loosing Jansen for the year, but I think there are other positions in which we have less depth so I think we are lucky at least for that. Issue is that it's only week 2 and we are already having some more injury problems. Todd Wade should step right in for Jansen and hopefully the line won't miss a beat. Uncle Al's play calling actually surprised me and was a bit conservative? I don't remember seeing any of his famous wide out screens or maybe they were worried Santana would drop one of those as well? We did get to see Randle El on a reverse which was nothing but a loss since the Dolphins seemed to have been waiting for it. I was impressed with Portis for sure and a bit surprised with his hard running. One player I was not impressed by was B.Lloyd. He did not look too happy between plays/series on the sidelines and did not make much of an effort on that "Int" in the end zone. Maybe this is why another receiver was brought in today; guess we will wait and see on that? As for the "D" I was expecting a lot more blitzing then I saw maybe Williams did not want to show much this early? Or maybe he could not risk it with Smoot getting abused on the field and dropping a big "Int" late in the game. I still think Shawn Springs could be traded and that is the reason they are keeping his reps down to prevent injury in hopes a team will be calling and offering up something good. The way Smoot and Rogers played last weekend I am not so sure that Springs should be traded. I have a feeling the coaches/management are still upset with him for being the possible ESPN Rat last year and not negotiating a more cap friendly salary in the offseason. Just my theory though.

Another take away from the game is it appears that the Funky 4 are no longer! No appearances at least for them during the pre-season nor on Sunday.

Big game Monday night in Philly! This will be a good test since the Eagles should be mad about losing to the Packers last weekend. If the Skins pull this one off I might up my win count to 12 and they should be 6-0 headed into New England. One game at a time though and the Skins need to think only about the Eagles for now and their jack-ass fans.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Adios Ade! Hello Victory or at least I hope?

The regular season is finally here and all should be feeling pretty good from what we saw during the preseason. As expected the offense did not show much due to injuries and Uncle Al's "Vanilla" liking. The "D" which wins you games late in the season looked great and more importantly stayed healthy.

As for some business the final cuts were made last weekend! FINALLY Ade Jimoh got the axe which could be a good sign. Since Ade has been on the team myself and 90,000 other Skins fans have cursed at him every home game including when he decided to flip jersey #'s to change his luck and to stop the booos. He did suprise me a bit in 2005 when he made some nice Special Team tackles late in the season, and yes even during the PLAYOFFS. I guess the coaches don't need his Special Team play now that Derrick Frost has become the leading tackler on the team during the preseason. Credit Frost for not taking his helmet off on the field (yet)and getting a 15rd penalty (Super Smart!). I am wondering who will be the new "Whipping Boy" of the team for the fans this year since there is no Ade, Archuletta, and the Kickers seem to be doing ok so far. Hopefully we won't have a stand out dumb-ass on Sunday but with the Skins you can almost count on it during the first series.

As for this weekend's game I am feeling real good about our Defense and shutting down the Dolphins; though I am a bit worried about the Offense. Chris Samuels typically does not play well against fast pass rushers and he will be going up against Jason Taylor without much work over the past month. I just hope Uncle Al actually lines Samuels up to take on Taylor and does not have Cooley blocking Taylor by himself on some crazy plays. All in all I can't imagine the Skins not winning Sunday at home but I also did not think they would lose in the opener last season against the Vikings. I know one thing and that is the Skins are 2-1 in home openers since Gibbs returned but have only averaged 13 points during these games. I think we get at least 20 on Sunday with the Defense and Special Team giving the Offense a nice short field leading the Skins to a victory!

1-0 and still on par for my predicted 11 wins this season!