Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1-1 Against the Bums

Well the Skins have split with the so called "Bums" with a loss to the Rams and a WIN against the Browns. Pretty much the same for both games with the offense being a little slow going but had a strong running game late.

We should be tied with the Giants at the top of the NFC East if it was not for that debacle last week with the Rams. We need to get some points this week against the lonely Lions and finish them early so we can all relax and watch.

Tell me what is going on with Carlos Rogers? Maybe we can send Leigh Torrence to get ACL/MCL surgery with DR Andrews this off-season and have him come back ready for some football. Ade Jimoh would have been another player who could have used this injury for his own good but was not that lucky.

No videos of the Hip-Hip this week even though I did hear it went down with Marcus Washington leading the chant. We got something better with the 2 "Yo-Yo's" as Brian Gumbell likes to call them crashing the field this past Sunday.

Maybe we should move Randle-El to the punt cover team after looking at this tackle. What would we do without his 2 yard punt return average?


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