Friday, October 19, 2007

Redskins Slurpee!

The Simpsons and their Squishees need to move over since 7-11 is now selling a Redskin Slurpee called "Redskin Freeze" that we enjoyed last night! I decided to share the info about the new product on the Extreme Skins message board and got a kick out of some of the responses which I listed below. It looks as if some of us are still upset with the loss on Sunday.

My origonal post - "The Danny is at it again - A Redskins flavored Slurpee at 7-11 "Redskins Freeze" which is cherry flavored. Also I have seen that Lays chips have the 75th logo all of them. Enjoy"

Responses -
"Better be careful or you'll strain a groin, pull a hammy, or start dropping stuff all over the house"

"I tried to get one but the machine benched itself halfway through filling it up"

"I had a Redskin Slurpee on my lunch break yesterday. When I came back to work I was sluggish, indecisive and couldn't complete simple tasks. My boss didn't mind because we're all in it together and I tried hard".

"I drank a redskins slurpee yesterday, then i proceeded to drop the cup all over the store. Manager wasnt happy".

"I drank a Redskins slurpee. First off, I wanna say my hat's off the 7-11 owner, they've really got a heck of a good slurpee machine over there.

"From a slurpee standpoint, I don't think it was any "one" slurpee, it was really all of them together. So we're gonna do what we know best, go back and work hard, and figure out how we're gonna get another slurpee".


"Slurpees??!? SLURPEES?!?!? Don't....don't talk about SLURPEES"!

"Whoever came up with the sour apple flavor wasn't super smart".

"I went to go pay for it and I fumbled the change all over the counter. Must have had some Moss and Portis in it".

"Vinny just traded a Redskins Slurpee and a second round pick to the broncos for a ham sandwich."

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Packers Game

Heres my take and I am not waiting for the 20minute cool down period.


"He landed on his butt out there" - Gibbs on Moss

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I'm a Swinging Soul

I was definitely worried about the Lions and their passing attack until Friday night. After watching Coach Joe's press conference and his version of a meltdown I felt pretty good that the Skins were ready for Sunday. Gibbs tried his best to have a Jim Mora moment with the reporters talking about "BALANCE, SWINGING SOULS, AND NOT BEING ABLE TO WIN A THING". I just hope he has some more of that attitude in him for the upcoming weeks as it appears it definitely wore off on the team! After the fiery interview I got a call from Lester Brody (Redskins Late Night) and he has appointed me The Associate Head Fan Coach for the remaining home games this season! My first task was to make a continuous public service announcement outside the gate to FedEx advising the fans to make sure they got their asses back into their seats after half-time as the Skins seem to always give up big drives to start the 3rd quarter when all the lame fans are trying to get their milk and cookies on the concourse level.

As for the game the Skins Defense started strong and kept it up the entire game ending with Carlos Rogers actually holding onto the ball for an INT! If the "D" line can pressure the QB like that most weeks we should be tough to beat. As for the Offense, Campbell looked really good even with the missing wide-outs. It took Uncle Al 1 full season, 3 games, and 1 bye week to figure out that Mike Sellers should be the goal-line back. We don't pay him the big bucks for nothing. Sellers also caught a nice pass and bull dozed the Lions player to the ground in the middle of the field. Talking about hits what about Taylor's hit on the Thrash's punt return! I seriously thought he had decapitated the guy and was surprised that after about 5 minutes the guy woke up and wandered to the bench alive. It was good to actually win a game that did not come down to the last 5 minutes of the game like most.

As good as Sunday was I stayed up and watched the entire Cowgirls game Monday night. All I need to say is the entire Bills coaching staff should be fired for giving that game away. What made it worse was seeing Hall of Shame, I mean Fame Crack Head, Michael Irvin jumping up and down in the box with Lypo King Jerry Jones. It made me sick watching those jerks. I am hoping the Patriots kick the crap out of Dallas this weekend and T.O goes back to his happy pills.

It's looking pretty good that Santana Moss will return this Sunday against Old Man Brett Favre and the Packers. I think the Skins need this victory to get the momentum rolling as they head into the meat of their schedule. If the D can get after Favre and their passing game as they did against the Lions the Skins will win big! Yet again though we are used to a let down game after an impressive win for the Skins. Hope this will change this Sunday.

Hail To The Redskins!