Saturday, January 26, 2008

What The Hell??

What a mess and of course it's has to be with the Redskins. Forget "The Danny" I will now refer to him as "Little Jerry"; and I am not talking about Kramer's pet rooster I am talking about Jerry Jones. Forget little it's going to be "Big Jerry" since the Danny one upped Jones with picking his Offensive and Defensive Coordinator before he even gets a head coach on board!! Who in their right mind would want to come on board as the coach with this circus going on? All of the respect Big Jerry got by bringing back Gibbs well he just lost all of it plus more. He would have been better off keeping the "Ball Coach" for the last 4 years as we would not have gotten our hopes up.

At least for now with them keeping Blache and what appears to be some of the defensive staff we have not entirely waisted the last four years. But don't worry Big Jerry and Cerrato are still working on that for us.

WHAT'S NEXT??? Maybe Big JERRY will remove Sean Taylor's sign from the inside of Fedex? Yeah that's a great idea to piss everyone off and lose even more fans. "Get on it Cerratto"

p.s - At least I don't have to see that lousy reverse called by Uncle Al anymore!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The BEST and worst of the 2nd Coming of Coach Joe

As you can see it has been a while since the last posting for me. When the Skins got on a roll with a few wins I was not blogging so I knew we were all in this together so I did my part with holding off on my blogs. Well the season has now ended with a short and disappointing run in the playoffs. I thought for about 7 minutes we were going to steal one in Seattle but it did not work out that way.

The bigger news is Gibbs resigning so I figured I would sum up the 2nd Coming with a best and worst list -

Best Assistant Head Coach Hiring - Buges - He brought a spark and was entertaining to the media and fans. Tried to get a new nick name for the O-Line "dirt bags" which never got going. He kissed Gibbs on the sidelines towards the end of the Dallas game to get into the playoffs.

Worst Assistant Head Coach Hiring - Saunders - The team went from 10-6 (2nd rd of the playoffs) to 5-11 with his play calling and more talented players. Everything Buges is and was, Saunders was not. Very rambling old man talking about the X/Y/Z position on the field that nobody could figure out except for his lousy crap reverse play call. It's a possibility his significant other is 100+ years old after seeing her get off the Greyhound in Seattle.

Above Par Assistant Head Coach - Gregg Williams - I did not want to leave him out. A very harsh article was written about him after the 2006 season in which he was portrayed as an ego maniac. I hope he will be named the next Head Coach of the Team.

Worst Coaching Position Created - In Gibb's first season he hired a retired referee to sit up in the box on game days and help with challenges. All thought this was a great idea and Gibbs seemed ahead of the league. The problem was I don't think we won a challenge all season and Gibbs decided that position was not needed by seasons end.

Where did he go Coach? - Offensive Coordinator Don Breaux started side by side with Gibbs on the sideline until mid-way through the first season when he disappeared into the box. I thought maybe he was trying to avoid the cold weather at his age but he he never reappeared on the sideline. Only mention I heard about Breaux since the 2nd coming was Gibbs talking about eating Turkey at the Breaux's house and how Breaux falls asleep yelling at the games on tv.

Worst Free Agent - Adam Archuleta

Best Free Agent - London Fletcher

Best Trade - Santana Moss

Worst Trade - B.Lloyd - The Skins gave up a draft pick and signed B.Lloyd to a new contract before he ever stepped on the field. He could be the happiest about Gibbs's departure as he still is on the roster. I also have to include the trade for TJ Duckett. What a powerhouse he was for us.

Worst Draft Pick - O that's right we did not have that many picks.

Best Draft Pick - Sean Taylor

Worst Post Game Comment - "He kind of fell on his butt out there". Gibbs talking about Moss's injury/fumbles against the Packers in 2007.

Most Fired Up- Gibbs weekly presser prior to the Detroit game in 2007. He made sure that everyone knows he wants balance in the offense. The players must have been scared and were swinging souls that week with a big win.

Best Win - Midnight miracle against Dallas in 2005. Seeing Snyder jumping in the box and pulling up his pants was great.

Worst Lost - Home loss against Buffalo after the death of Sean Taylor.

Best Moment - The announcement Gibbs was returning to the Skins.

Worst Moment - Sean Taylor's funeral.

Best Release of a Player - Lavar Arrington - This reminded us all that one player was not the TEAM.

Hard Fought Award - Lorenzo Alexander in the 2007 pre-season making a tackle without his helmet. This earned him a spot on the Offense, Defense, and Special Teams during the season.

Worst Luck - Jon Janson missing 2 out of the 4 full seasons during Gibbs's tenure. One of his "healthy" seasons he played with both of his thumbs broken for the whole year. The others were major injuries - Achilles tear and broken foot/ankle.

Front Office Mistake - Keeping Vinny Cerratto - Can we ever get rid of this guy?

Best Play Call - Portis pass - I think this worked all but once over the 4 years.

Worst Play Call - Jumbo package during the 2007 season

One lasting line - We are all in this together fighting our guts out.