Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are we there yet??

Well 4 down and 1 pre-season game to go. So far we have seen some GOOD and some not so good. I am a little concerned as it seems the offense has taken steps back each game instead of moving forward. At least we only have 1 more game to watch tomorrow and then NO MORE EXCUSES as the real season starts. Good thing J.Taylor was so flexible from his dancing it might have saved his season and "ours" as well. Thank you Eddita Slevenski for the hard training you put Jason through.

Ok moving to other matters of concern. It's just been reported that the Chief's tomahawk was snatched prior to the Bills game a few weeks back at FedEx Field.

From the Style section of the Washington Post
On Aug. 9, the Chief -- a Washington Redskins superfan whose real name is Zema Williams-- set his signature prop down while he was signing autographs at the Redskins' preseason game against the Buffalo Bills. When he turned to retrieve it, it was gone -- subject to a prank or plain petty theft, he believes.

"I had that thing for 25 years. Anytime you saw me, I had my little tomahawk," Williams, 67, told us yesterday. "I don't see what they would do with it, but I'm sure whoever took it was playing a trick. I sat in the parking lot long after the game was over thinking someone would come out with it." But it never turned up.

The 12-inch tomahawk has a slender wooden handle with a rubber blade, and appears in many photos of Williams since he started attending Redskins games nearly 30 years ago. "It's my main piece -- it's got Sean Taylor 's number on it and everything," Williams said.

Williams isn't offering a reward, but hopes a good Samaritan will bring his tomahawk back: "If it's out there, please return it. It's a part of me."

How low can you go??? Well... it could be a nice piece of memorabilia. Tyler...where did you get your new toy from at FedEx????

Maybe that is why The DANNY ordered FedEx Security and the Defensive Chief (Greg Blache) himself to check Tyler out for the tomahawk!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Very Encouraging

Ok so as you can see from Tyler's picture from last Sunday nights game we should all be pretty encouraged with the Skins play. The offense looked sharp and it was nice to see Campbell hit Randle-EL, Moss, and Cooley right in the numbers! As for the defense it was a bit shakey but most of the starters were not playing. Hopefully we will see some improvement in this weeks game. I am just hoping this is not another Spurrier moment in Japan running it up on the 49ers then getting his ass kicked by all in the regular season.

So what about the Z-man calling out the 2 rookie wide-outs this week? I liked that. Flat out telling the truth to the media saying they were both out of shape and should be embarrassed. Gibbs would have told everyone they were both "SUPER SMART" and were fighting their guts out to get on the field and we would all wonder why they were not playing. And the 3rd player to fail his conditioning when camp started was no other then Captain Smoot. I guess he was hard at work during the off-season doing something other than football.

Hail to the Redskins! And the return to FedEx on Saturday.