Tuesday, February 27, 2007


"Danny's Day"

Opening the mail we see an envelope postmarked from the Skins! That's right, great news were getting closer to that magic time of year. We have been on the "IR" since the last game of the season preparing again for another attempt for the return to GLORY. The envelope is opened to find the season ticket invoice. No surprises this year as we have found some in the past.

Enclosed with the invoice was a friendly letter stating the good news about the ticket price not changing, and how the Danny has only raised ticket prices 1 out of the past 6 seasons. But he has raised everything else possible including parking, concessions, merchandise, taxes, and anything else he can find. Memo to the Danny: The Skins cumulative record over the past 6 seasons has been 41 wins and 55 losses and they continue to be the 2nd highest ticket prices only cheaper then the winning Patriots. We also noticed payment for the tickets was due quite soon. I assume the Danny has to get "Redskin 1" gassed up and flying for the Free Agency season. So the suckers that we are send payment right away to fill the large pockets of the Redskins as do all other 90,000+ ticket holders as always hoping that this will be the year.

In sending payment we saw that the mailing address for payment was in Georgia? In the past payment has always been sent to FedEx Field in Maryland. Right away my guess is that the Danny is using one of his "Redzebra/Redzone" businesses for us to send payment to avoid some type of tax that Maryland was charging him to clear those payments each season. Someone deserves a raise for this idea! I am thinking next season we will probably be sending our ticket money and invoice back to India. Just imagine that experience.

Starting last season a separate line on the invoice appears for "PG County admission and amusement tax"; this really hurts. When has Fedex Field become an amusement park?? I guess when Uncle AL brought the circus offense with multiple reverses for losses and drive killers. I have not seen any elephants around but I have smelt some shit on the field many of games. Pretty soon they will have annoying men in opposition team clothes in a dunk tank outside each section with the proceeds going directly into the Danny's back pocket or I guess now Danny Rockets. Or even better maybe Cerrato can start guessing fans age or weight at the entrance cause he certainly can't pick talent.

No worries though I did get an included coupon for $10.00 off a purchase of $50.00 or more which expires 4/30/07 (prior to the new merchandise for '07 season). One request for the Danny and Skins is we authorize the use of our money to have fireworks shooting out of the lights in the upper level prior to EVERY home game this season.

Enjoy your big $ day Danny.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

About Us

We are two Redskins faithfuls who have been with the Skins through the good and bad... more of the bad lately and that is why the doctor's have suggested we express our feelings instead of holding our emotions in all the time. Just remember if lovin' the Skins is wrong, I don't want to be right.

The picture of us was taken September 11, 2006 tailgating at the season opener at Fedex Field. At the time, our hopes for a successful season were high but it was just the beginning of a year of underachievement and the season was in the "crapper" before we knew it. As all Redskins fans have learned there is always next year.

Fan Appreciation??

I know it is late, I mean early in the morning but we could not stand taking all this time to create this site and leave "NORV" #1 and only. I had to bump him so here you go.

This is a response to an article in the Post about fans being upset about the increasing price of Redskins tickets.

Well, I think Lisa and I still have a little bit of "gold" to bleed. As far as the team being the most profitable I don't have to look very far to see where all my "gold" is spent, especially with my "gold"mini Superbowl Football sitting in front of me.
The writer forgot to mention that one thing which bothered me the most is the "HUGE" fan appreciation Beach Blitz in June ..."time to give back to the fans" where not even so called tailgating outside of the event is free...not to mention watching the skills competition for $15.00. But don't worry you will have the opportunity to meet the "Red Snapper" Ethan Albright and about 15 other players that you never heard of, they are flying them all on Redskin 1 direct from NFL Europe to VA beach for the Weekend festivities. I am surprised Grammy is not on the roster of the meet and greets. I guess this so called "Blitz" is probably why I don't see the normal FREE draft day party scheduled this year, maybe that is why they decided to trade their picks away so they could cancel the free event and have another team "Fundraiser" into the Danny's back pocket.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Norv Turner Obituary

Now that Norv has been hired in San Diego....(doomed), it made me remember my first official rant/writing about the Skins.
Hope everyone enjoys Norv's obituary -

Norv's Proudest Moment

Norv Turner
Washington Redskins Head Coach

Record 49-59-1

A man that was always on the hot seat

Some might have called him a play calling genius; others described him in words that are not appropriate to list. No matter what, Norv always broke the fan's hearts at ease. One fan said of Norv, "He was the scrooge of the Washington Redskins for eight fucking years... Thank God he is gone. Norv will also be missed greatly by the Washington Media who also knew Norv as "Mr. Excitement" because of his outrageous post-game press conferences. Norv was also praised for his great coach/player relationships that he was able to have while he was in Washington especially with his place kickers. "It's a sad day in NFL history today", said Redskins Special Teams coach Lee Charles McDaniel, "Turner should definitely be considered for the NFL Hall of Shame". The Washington Redskins announced that Turner's body will be cremated by team owner Daniel Snyder on a date still to be determined. NFL commentator John Madden on the cremation, "that's what happens when you have NONE Super Bowl rings". Turner's wife said, "Norv went peacefully", and his last words were, "We are a young football team, and we will learn a lot from this loss".

Thanks Norv for all the great memories, you will be missed by few.