Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Wow...Where to start?? It's kind of odd how it ended for Taylor "on the field". Going down with a sprained knee in the first half against the Eagles on November 11th. The injury was not odd or strange but his exit was. Usually the player would get checked out on the field by a trainer and helped to the sideline with a fans applause. In Taylor's case he went down in the end-zone after the play was over got up after a few seconds and hobbled directly into the tunnel by himself. Most of the fans and players did not even see him leaving the field since the next play was already started when Taylor got into the tunnel. Who would know this would be the last time we would see him in the Skins uniform and on the field or more importantly lead up to the last few weeks of his life?

It definitely seemed Taylor had changed this year. In years past you would see him on the sidelines sitting by himself or standing with a kicker or punter? But this year I saw him sitting with the rest of the defensive players and actually giving high-fives to all. The players actually elected him as a "committee" member to represent them in talks with Coach Gibbs. Just when everything seems to be falling into place for him this happens.

As for my shining moment with Taylor - Outside leaving FedEx after a pre-season game 3 years ago I was able to scoot around a security guard and "accost"(basically go crazy in excitement in meeting him!)Sean on his way to his car. To my disappointment I think he was more surprised with me then I was with him not hitting me back and actually shacking my hand....maybe this guy was not so tough off the field?

Video of his first season (#36) highlights - Seems like enough plays for an entire career...

R.I.P - #36/21

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pissed Off

I finally made it out of the rubber room after Sunday's game and am back home. 1 f-ing yard to be 6-3, 1 f-ing yard. Please put my sorry ass in the game and I will finish it off next time. I am pissed off and the Redskins better be as well so they can get a win against the Cowgirls. Typically after a loss like Sunday the Skins would do the "unthinkable" and beat Dallas in the toilet bowl of a stadium they call home. Without Taylor I think this could be tough to stop "Homo" and the passing game of the girls. Surprisingly even after the loss on Sunday most of the teams going for a wild card spot also lost meaning we are all still in this together so keep the faith Jimmy Farris is here to save the day!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

The Gibbs to English Dictionary

“Up here”: Coach’s term for the National Football League, which he apparently thinks is played at altitude. This would make more sense if Gibbs had been a longtime college coach or if he, the luring Pat Gibbs and the "grandbabies" had possibly lived below ground for the last few years like the people in 12 Monkeys.

“Hard fought”: It was a boring game littered with three and outs and field goals where the Redskins ultimately backed into a victory via some “Redskins football.”

“Redskins Football”: An approach to game management so conservative it makes Barry Goldwater’s corpse blush. You know you are watching classic “Redskins Football” when you see the following:

- A draw play on 3rd and 9 at midfield during the second half of a tie game.
- A FG attempt from the 40 on first down during overtime.
- A play action pass that is focused on a receiver only one yard past the line of scrimmage.
- 8games of regular season football without a TD pass to a WR.
- A “true Redskin”: Aging journeyman skill position player who wouldn’t make the roster of most “good” teams and lacks any discernible above average skills. And he loves Jesus. See “Thrash, James.”

- “fought our guts out”: Code for “needed overtime to barely defeat a significantly below .500 team.”

-“Super smart”: Term used to detract negative attention from a “true Redskin” who has shown a complete inability to compete “up here” due to physical shortcomings and general ineptitude. See “Brunell, Mark.”

- "Core guys": Players Snyder locked into long term deals that no other team would have approached in value and that preclude the team from ever cutting the player in question.

- "We're all in this together...we're sticking together": Only to be used after a loss. Sure, we lost by 45, but it wasn't because one or two of us sucked. We ALL suck. And you know what? That's special. And don't worry...we'll suck like that again someday soon...but gosh darn it we'll do it AS A TEAM.

- “we kept swinging out there”: Punts on top of punts. The defense spent more time on the field backpedaling than the refs did.

- “Teams”: This is the term Coach “Joe” uses to describe special teams. The irony in his leaving off the “Special” is that in his second tenure the coverage and return teams have been the only consistently above average unit on this shitwagon.

- “greatest fans in the league”: The really bitter people sitting with obstructed views behind huge cement pillars or sitting next to 5 empty seats in the club level drinking a $8 Bud Light and munching on $15 chicken fingers while their team loses to the Falcons.

- “They’re playing the best football in the league right now”: This week’s opponent.

- "We competed": We were dominated in every facet of the game from kick off to final gun.

Courtesy of - http://wheelhouse.blogspot.com/2007...dictionary.html

Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Win is a Win!

Ok I am going to make this short and sweet -

A win is a win, like "A" loss is "A" loss. It does not matter if we win by 1 or lose by 45 (like last week's debacle) it's still a win or a loss. All that we will be looking at towards the end of the season is wins and losses and today we got a Win! It was good to see the running game back and hopefully that should continue in next week's game. Thanks goodness for Suisham today and his 15 points which saved the game and possibly the season for us! At least we have already matched last seasons win total as well!

Well I guess we have seen the last of B.Loyd as a Skin. He can focus more on his music for the rest of this season. Still wondering why they brought him here and paid him the big bucks with his "league wide" known attitude problem. At least he did catch 1 TD pass while he was a Skin but it was a preseason game.

As for next week against Fat Bastard and "his drug emporium of a house" I am hoping we can continue to run the ball and pull out another win at FedEx. If the Skins can get a win next week they would be 6-3 and only be off 1 game of my game by game prediction of going 11-5 this year.

Don't forget to stop into your local Redskins store and pad the Danny's pocket this week by purchasing the NEW Captain Chaos shirt.

Hail To The 5-3 Redskins!