Sunday, September 28, 2008


Need I say more? Little Danny got his way today in Dallas!

How Bout Them Cowboys!!

You want to crown them? Crown their asses but there is nothing better then watching the Skins beat the "girls" in DALLAS!! The Skins looked sharp on both sides of the ball which was great to see! The Z-MAN might just know what the hell he is doing. The best part of the game for me was seeing Jerry Jones a.k.a "Bone Daddy" watch first hand from the sidelines.

Another take away from Horton tonight! He appears to be the man.

I was hoping we could split with the Cowboys and Eagles but imagine if we can take Philly next week and be 4-1 heading into what appears to be 3 easy games!! I guess we will see about 4-1 next week when we take on The Fat Bastard.

T.O has B.O


Monday, September 22, 2008

Finishing the games!

Skins are now 2-1! As stated in my prior blog I knew it was going to be a bad one when we heard the Danny was giving pep talks before the Giants game. At least the Giants have looked pretty sharp so far this season which makes our loss not look as bad as we all thought. I am guessing Snyder has been excused from pep talks since the Giants fiasco.

It has been nice to see the Skins actually putting teams away at the end of the game on their own with the offense! What a change from what we have seen with the past where we typically punt and then pray the defense stops the other team which did not always work. Speaking of punting ZORN has got it in for the new Rookie punter Brooks. First getting after him about the short punts against the Saints and then telling him off for icing their own kicker yesterday! I guess Zorn has to take it out on someone and does not have to worry about Brooks fighting back. I think the Skins were worried if they kept Froste he might throw his helmet and takeout Zorn on the sideline.

Now that things seem to be headed the right direction the Skins feel Cerratto has some spare time so they have signed him up to host his own radio show 2 times a week. Most would take this as a bad thing thinking he should be involved in key decisions and watching over things. I take this as a good thing. At least for these few hours each week we don't have to worry about him messing up anything unless he starts talking too much on the radio which is quite possible. Maybe if the radio works out for him he will move up and out of football and take the radio deal full-time! Just imagine if the Skins win against Dallas this week. Zorn, Campbell, Moss, Cooley, and Portis will all have their own shows as well. Who needs practice?

For all the Redskins collectors out there make sure to pick up this new Cooley bobble head minus little Cooley JR and his playbook(family friendly figure).

Last but not least here is a picture of a TRUE fan during the game yesterday. She must be "SUPER SMART" with all the notes and Power Points she has. We don't have the best fans for nothing!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Ok I have changed my mind about tomorrow's game after checking out Cooley's blog and reading THE DANNY is now giving motivational speaches. I AM MORE THEN CONCERNED NOW.

Cooley -
"This week our coaches were nothing short of outstanding in our NYG preparation. We even had a special owner pep talk to kick off our week and let me say Dan Snyder is a exceptional speaker. Really, no bullshit, he was awesome! He walked out the door and I was ready to put the pads on".

"Redskins football is violent, physical, violent f****** football! If we play that way we will win...if we don't...we will lose.

The Last Night Of Peace

We just have tonight to keep thinking about the Skins play and we will find out a lot more tomororw night when the real season starts. I am not sure what to think but Tyler continues to confirm the Skins will win tomorrow night in NY. I continue to worry about the offense. We saw how a new offense takes some time to get going when Uncle Al came to DC. I just hope they decide to RUN the ball until the passing game gets going in a few weeks. I think it was a good move to tell Jansen to take a seat after watching his play over the pre-season. You know the Giants will be coming after Campbell and he will get hit around pretty good. I think the defense will be good with or without J.Taylor. Speaking of Jason Taylor why was he drinking a glass of wine alone in a box at FedEx at kickoff against the Jaguars? All of the other injured players were on the sideline including players with leg injuries. I guess the dancing queen did not want to get wet in the rain. Maybe he will charter his own plane to NY for the game tomorrow???

And what about Derrick Frost's "Dear John" letter to Redskins fans? He and the media kept saying he was a fan favorite? Favorite what?? Whipping boy, all I heard over the last few years were BOOOOOOOS. Anyway I guess we will see what the rookie can do for us.

Hold on cause the season is about to start....