Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Ok so the Skins announced today the 1st 50,000 fans that enter FedEx on Sunday night against the Cowboys will get a free rally towel. Sounds great right??? Message to the Skins/980am who are sponsoring the event; FedEx holds 91,704fans meaning 41,704 fans are going to be towel-less? 50,000 would not even cover RFK? The first issue I have is why in the hell are you going to bring out the towel after last Monday nights game against the dirty cole miners? I think we saw enough yellow TP being waived at FedEx for a while. Maybe someone in the crack Marketing department thought we should try this towel thing and maybe we can win some games?? Not a bad idea but give it a few games after the great yellow invasion at FedEx. And when you are ready to do it get the WHOLE FRICKEN stadium a towel. Maybe they are expecting only 50,000 Redskins fans to attend this game?? 2nd issue I have is the sponsor who is 980am radio is part of Red Zebra broadcasting which is owned by Snyder. Why wouldn't the Danny spend a litte bit of cash and get the extra 41,704 fans a damn towel? This is very "Bush league" like. What's next the first 25,000 fans get a free mini plastic football or a schedule magnet? Come on Danny we are supposed to be the class of the NFL. Teams and fans across the league are going to be laughing about this. You have a few days to correct this dumb-ass decision. Get with it!

Speaking of dumb-ass why would Lavar come out today and call Joe Gibbs a coward for leaving after 4 seasons? Saying Gibbs was in it just for the quick cash?? Another message to Lavar -- Gibbs retired in January 08 why is Lavar just coming out and saying this today? I am sure the fact that Gibbs' grandson was sick with leukemia had nothing to do with it. Or maybe even one of his players getting shot and killed in his own house had nothing to do with it even though Gibbs's own house was broken into a few years back? Come on Lavar I know you took a few hits to the head during your playing days and with that nastey bike accident but how DUMB can you be? Next up for Lavar --- HIS "Sidelines" restaurant will be filing for Bankruptcy.