Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Camp Time!

We are looking forward to camp starting Friday for the Skins. Per the coaches this camp should be a lot harder in the past so hopefully we will see better results from the start. Most importantly hopefully Gibbs can get across the press stage without falling for his first official press conference like last season (we should have known with his stumble we were doomed). Then of course who could forget the first offensive drive during last years pre-season. A great catch by B-Lloyd across the middle to keep the drive going and then possibly the play of the season - Brunell throwing a terrible pick and Portis chasing the Bengal down for a take down tackle which took Portis's shoulder out for the year. I guess the only question I have is how many carries will Portis get in the pre-season or will Gibbs even dress him? Thinking about this you don't want to get Ladell too many carries or injured in these worthless games. We might need several backs just to get through the pre-season.

The good news is everyone is healthy and is scheduled to practice as normal the first day of camp! Many players lost some weight in the off-season including Sean Taylor who is most likely trying to get into the feather weight boxing division, and most noticeable Jon Jansen. I hear they removed fat from Jansen's face to help repair his reoccurring thumb problems. I guess we will see if he can get through the first week of practice without another break.

I think we still should be very concerned with the D-Line. No changes as of yet from last year. I did hear that Tank Johnson was present at Chris Samuels B-Day Luau party last week. Not sure if this was a recruiting visit or if he was offering his firearm/ammo security for the party. Without any changes I could see this being a huge problem even with a great secondary. Marcus Washingon even on roids(??) or too much "water" can't get to the QB from the end.

With pre-season games just around the corner and the regular season games a coming we have been prepping all of the gear including my Skins golf shirts to be worn each Friday at work for the next five months. Even better news I hear the tickets are in transit via FedEx. It's like Christmas in July waiting to see what type of design will be on the tickets for each game. I just hope Tony Stewart does not spin out the Fedex man a la Daytona this year and the tickets arrive safely!

Just remember Uncle Al likes the pre-season game plans to be very "vanilla". He will save all 700 pages of that playbook for week 1 against the Dolphins!