Monday, May 21, 2007

Junior, Gibbs Racing, Snyder, Coach Joe, #3

So early last week I hear on the radio that there was a "top secret" meeting at Snyder's home with Dale Jr. and Gibbs flying over to the Snyder residence via copter to talk about the big free agent Jr. I guess Snyder and Cerrato played this NFL offseason a little cool, calm, and collected so when they heard about this big opportunity and heard the words "free agency" even in NASCAR they had to jump right in and get the copter gassed up to help Coach Joe out. So I begin to wonder why Snyder would be helping Gibbs racing unless maybe Snyder is thinking about starting his own race team with Gibbs help or maybe even partnering with Gibbs, similar to the Roush/Fenway merger this year. I decide to post a message on the Skins message board to see what others have heard and these are some of the better responses I got.

Originally Posted by 2skins (my post)
I heard on the EITM show this morning a few people calling saying they heard that Coach Joe and Jr flew in on the Danny's copter to Danny's house for a meeting. Could we being seeing a Redskins sponsored car in NASCAR with Jr driving for Gibbs? Or do you think it's possible the The Danny could start his own race team?

"Unless earnhardt can play defensive line then i dont give a crap".

"seriously, i think maybe jr is up for a role in a snyder-tomcat movie about a former racecar driver working at one of dannys themeparks".

DH + TS + JR = IONTOP's NASCAR heaven...

"It'd be awful hard to root "against" a burgundy and gold, Skins-logo-emblazoned car, owned by Joe Gibbs and driven by the biggest Skins fan in the sport".

So today I hear on the radio that somebody spotted Chris Cooley in Charlotte at the All-Star race on Saturday night. The word was he was there to help recruit Jr to sign on to JGR. I think to myself that the Skins Beach Blitz event was happening the entire weekend in VA Beach and Cooley was slated to attend. Another fan later calls the show and says that Cooley was definitely MIA from the blitz after Friday. I later found a post with someone stating that Cooley had told them that he had to leave the blitz early to go to Charlotte to do something for Coach Gibbs????

I am just wondering if Cooley brought with him the Superbowl trophies so Dale Jr. could take a picture with them on pit road or maybe they will hold that for the press conference announcing that Jr signed with JGR. Maybe even Snyder arranged Darrell Green and Art Monk to pay a visit to the late great Dale Earnhardt to help in the recruiting process since Sr was a big Redskins fan and that is how Jr jumped on the bandwagon as well. I bet part of the contract that Snyder has proposed or worked out for Gibbs is that the Late Great Earnhardt and Jr are both immediately inducted into the Redskins Ring of Honor at FedEx.

Who looks like the bigger loser here Gibbs, Snyder, Cooley, or even Jr himself? Snyder's first thought, as always when recruiting a big free agent, is to set up a meeting with the Redskins Salary Cap Specialist. In this case he was quickly reminded that the best thing about NASCAR is there is NO salary cap. Just imagine the marketing capabilities that Snyder could throw on that car??? Six Flags, Red Zebra, Danny Rockets, Red Zone, Redskins, or even better I am waiting for the Daytona 500 paint scheme of the Danny himself on the hood of the car with DAN SNYDER written all over it.

So if it is true that Snyder does help Gibbs land Jr or gets part of the team, I hear there are already plans to build a short track around the inside of FedEx field to have a parade of Danny's cars at half-time and possibly a NASCAR race in the NFL offseason. Snyder might have a problem luring in NASCAR since he will not allow fans to bring in their own concessions. I know Jeff Gordon would like this though, he would not have to dodge as many bottles and cans during his victory lap should he win. What's next for the Danny, joining the WWE? He can take Donald Trump's spot in the next Wrestlemania.

My prediction is that Jr will definitely sign on with JGR / or a new "Snyder" team. We all know once the Danny wants something he gets it. I just hope for JGR's sake we don't get another Archuleta in Dale Jr. I am not sold yet, but I guess I might have to actually cheer for Jr a bit now if this all happens. Stay tuned....

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Guest Blogger - The Optimistic Cousin Ted

I have recently viewed Matt's predictions for 2007. 11-5? Two Questions - What are you smoking? And can I get some?

First, they will lose twice to Dallas, as usual and once each to Philly and the Giants, that's 4 losses.

Next is Dan "The Idiot" Snyder. He'll manage to overpay for some stiff who will piss off everyone in the locker room and destroy chemistry. That's good for 4 losses.

Then we've got "Norv" Saunders. Despite playing a team with the worst rushing defense in the league (remember indy last year?) he'll call 85 passes and 4 runs. 4 more losses.

Don't forget about the defense - The safeties can't cover past 10 yards, 1 loss, the corners will all get injured - 1 loss, the linebackers can't tackle - 1 loss, and the lineman can't rush the passer - 1 loss. That's 4 more losses.

Oh - I almost forgot the special teams. The punter is horrible, giving up an extra 10 yards to the opposition each punt. The kicker does the same on kickoffs. Plus he'll get hurt two games in. The coverage teams allow at least 3 td returns a year. All this adds up to another 4 losses.

Okay - where does that leave us? 4 in the division, 4 for the owner, 4 for "Norv" Saunders, 4 for the Defense, and 4 for the special teams. Looks like we're due for 0-20. I guess we'll have to include the preseason.