Saturday, June 23, 2007

Another Great Purchase

Yes it has been quiet for a bit but we finally have some news to talk about from this past week. So here we go...

As if the Danny can ever take a vacation? So this week he makes another big purchase and picks up Dick Clark Productions which includes American Bandstand, Golden Globe Awards and, yes, Dick Clark's Rocking New Years Eve. I can see it now for the 2008 celebration "Danny's Rocking Redskins New Years Eve"! Move over Dick and Ryan Seacrest the show will now be hosted by Larry Michael on Redskins TV and heard on the Triple X Radio stations across the DC area (hopefully it will be clear that night so we can get more then static). I am sure the Danny will be present for the big countdown which will move away from NY City and into Landover Maryland. The Waterford glass ball will drop onto FedEx field at Midnight with the Redskins Marching Band playing for the big moment. Cerratto will be in charge of booking the rest of the music talent so don't get too excited since everything he picks STINKS. As for Coach Joe I can see him showing up in a puff of smoke on the stage at 11:59 pm ready to press the button to get the ball moving almost like Muhammad Ali lighting the torch at the Atlanta Olympics in '96. So now that this is a done deal make sure to hurry and book those hotels in Landover Maryland for the big New Years Event.

Enough with the positive press for the Danny this week. Danny did have a bad day on Thursday with the Six Flags Amusement Park accident. I am sure the Danny has already got his people taking care of this and is ready to have everyone sign waivers when they enter his amusement parks going forward. I just hope they don't require these waivers at Skins games next season as we have all had some type of injuries over the years at the FedEx compound.

And then there was Lavar and his little bike accident this week; at least he had a helmet on. I can't believe he actually was able to find one that fit his fat head? I guess he needed to hide his mug since he did not even have a bike license. Last time I heard of Lavar he was on a little "Granny" scooter pulled up in front of Congress with a bum achilles talking about his half-ass agent. I guess with the injuries from the accident Lavar will probably have to get that battery charged up on his scooter to get around for a while. What a bust and it's sad to say he was the face of the Skins franchise for all but one of his years. Looking back at it now know wonder we stunk.

As for my last report about Dale Jr and Gibbs racing well I guess I was wrong. From what I am hearing Gibbs might switch from Chevy to Toyota next year which would have caused Jr to lose interest in Gibbs racing. We are headed to the Charlotte NC area this week to tour Nascar Race shops including of course Joe Gibbs racing. Supposedly his Hall of Fame Blazer is their with his Superbowl rings and some other Skins stuff. Hope to have some good stories from the trip so stay tuned.

Only 78 days till the 1st regular game of the season but who is counting??

Having a bad day? THIS WILL CHEER YOU UP!