Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back to FedEx or Johnny Rockets??

Returning back to FedEx for last Saturday's game against the Steelers was good. Good to be back hanging in the parking lot and getting into the stadium. Got to see first hand the Danny's modifications to the stadium for this season including multiple Johnny Rockets on the lower level concourse. The workers were even wearing the paper hats as well. First thing that actually caught my eye was the new Budweiser bottles being sold that are blue for Bud Light and red for good old Budweiser and include the Redskins 75th anniversary logo on the bottle (what a collectors item), but with all good things the Danny always does us bad.... this time he jacked the price of a beer up to $8.00 for a bottle - at least I kept it for a souvenir.

As for the game, too many Steeler fans were around or as I was calling them "dirty cole miners". Knowing this was just pre-season I knew what to expect and I am just thankful the Skins were winning most of the game so I did not have to see those stupid yellow pieces of toilet paper the Steelers fans are always waiving around. I am looking forward to the 1st regular game knowing there might be about 10 Dolphins fans in attendance and they won't be waiving TP just some tissues after the Skins "D" is done with them.

We caught a huge break with Campbell's knee only being bruised (Jesus is a Redskins fan!!), that could have ruined the entire season but that is what happens when you have a non-drafted Rookie guarding your QB's backside; so hurry back Chris. Nice to see that B. Lloyd actually does catch passes in the endzone like he was supposed to be doing all last year.

What about Derrick Frost? Punting his guts out on the field as Coach Joe would say. Maybe the team was "super smart" not bringing another punter into camp?

As for Lemar Marshall being cut today, no surprise after watching him closely miss tackles against 2nd-3rd stringers against the Steelers. I think we should have held onto him until the final cuts in case of injury since he can play all of the LB spots even if he can't tackle. I guess we will see how this goes. Speaking of non-tacklers, maybe Jesse Armstead could always come back with his gold cleats. Actually he, Lavar, and now Trotter are all available so can someone please disconnect Cerreto's phone so he won't sign them up again.

Hope to see no additional injuries in the Ravens game this weekend. Probably without Campbell, Samuels, and Portis again not much offense but expect another good half of play from the "D".

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Ok everybody call up your local Greyhound and get those bus tickets to Arizona. Skins are headed to the show!! Seriously, a win will be good for the team and I really don't think it was as bad as it looked tonight. I knew going in today without Portis, Samuels, and Lloyd the offense would not do anything. It was still good to see Campbell make some good throws and at least attempt to throw to the right receiver. As for the "D" I was expecting good things which I saw. Fletcher looked great and so did Mcintosh!

My highlights of the game were the Skins kickers with Suisman already looking in mid-season form nailing the goal post on his field goal attempt. But he did actually kick-one through the end-zone, when was the last time you saw a Skins kicker do that? He also did kick one out of bounds... As for Frosty he almost broke his neck getting down field on that one tackle, but made a good play.

What's the deal with Snyder leaving with one minute before the big TD by the "D"? I am sure he was rushing to the chopper, very classy. He should be Boooed for that one.

Forget the 0-20, we got one "W" tonight.

Enjoy a fresh "AL-Aide" tonight with the victory!