Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is The Garage Door Open?

Yes, it's been a few years since the last post but dare I ask is the garage door starting to open. There is air in the tires!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Skins win in February!

What the hell happened? The last thing I remember was diving into a pile of fans reaching for one of the 50,000 rally towels they were handing out against the Cowgirls on 11/16. Next thing I wake up from my wishful "pipe" dream and find out the Skins finished 8-8 for the season losing 6 out of their last 8 games.

What happened to the Hip Hip Hoooray? What happened to the "DANNY" running around on TV after the games chanting and sweating like he just played in the game with his suit and tie? Things were looking so promising for Zorn and the team. As Chucky Miller from Can't Buy Me Love would say Zorn went from Geek Status to KING STATUS to no status. What a depressing way to end the season but we all should have expected this. How would a rookie head coach make that much of a difference with very little personal changing from the prior season. It seems like it was a reversal from the last 4 years where we start a little slow and finish strong to eek into the playoffs. I am just glad the Danny is giving Zorn another season to see what he can do with one season under his belt. Zorn better get it right this upcoming year as there is a herd of out of work coaches that are wearing Super Bowl rings waiting for the call from the Skins.

So lets move into the best time of the season which started today with Free Agency. Of course the Skins jumped right in and got Albert Haynesworth "FAT ALBERT" but they filled a need on the line. At least they did not go out and pay for another high price Tight End or something they did not need. Haynesworth SHOULD be able to help the defense and actually get a pass rush for us. I think releasing Springs and Washington was the right move with both players missing multiple games over the last two seasons with minor injuries. They were able to use this money to secure Hall and improve the defense which is what wins championships.

Keep the faith and Hail!

This just in - Skins signed Dockery back. Welcome back Derrick but I won't forget you dissing me in my robe in the parking lot.

Excert from my 3/2/07 blog about Dockery leaving for the Bills -
"My prediction for the "dick" I mean "Dock" is he will beef back up as he was prior to this past season and lead the league or at least the AFC in false starts and holds. Maybe he can get lucky and get involved in some illegal activities and beg to come back to the Skins and Buges in a few years".

Am I good or what?

2009 Week 1 prediction - "False Start #66".

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Ok so the Skins announced today the 1st 50,000 fans that enter FedEx on Sunday night against the Cowboys will get a free rally towel. Sounds great right??? Message to the Skins/980am who are sponsoring the event; FedEx holds 91,704fans meaning 41,704 fans are going to be towel-less? 50,000 would not even cover RFK? The first issue I have is why in the hell are you going to bring out the towel after last Monday nights game against the dirty cole miners? I think we saw enough yellow TP being waived at FedEx for a while. Maybe someone in the crack Marketing department thought we should try this towel thing and maybe we can win some games?? Not a bad idea but give it a few games after the great yellow invasion at FedEx. And when you are ready to do it get the WHOLE FRICKEN stadium a towel. Maybe they are expecting only 50,000 Redskins fans to attend this game?? 2nd issue I have is the sponsor who is 980am radio is part of Red Zebra broadcasting which is owned by Snyder. Why wouldn't the Danny spend a litte bit of cash and get the extra 41,704 fans a damn towel? This is very "Bush league" like. What's next the first 25,000 fans get a free mini plastic football or a schedule magnet? Come on Danny we are supposed to be the class of the NFL. Teams and fans across the league are going to be laughing about this. You have a few days to correct this dumb-ass decision. Get with it!

Speaking of dumb-ass why would Lavar come out today and call Joe Gibbs a coward for leaving after 4 seasons? Saying Gibbs was in it just for the quick cash?? Another message to Lavar -- Gibbs retired in January 08 why is Lavar just coming out and saying this today? I am sure the fact that Gibbs' grandson was sick with leukemia had nothing to do with it. Or maybe even one of his players getting shot and killed in his own house had nothing to do with it even though Gibbs's own house was broken into a few years back? Come on Lavar I know you took a few hits to the head during your playing days and with that nastey bike accident but how DUMB can you be? Next up for Lavar --- HIS "Sidelines" restaurant will be filing for Bankruptcy.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1-1 Against the Bums

Well the Skins have split with the so called "Bums" with a loss to the Rams and a WIN against the Browns. Pretty much the same for both games with the offense being a little slow going but had a strong running game late.

We should be tied with the Giants at the top of the NFC East if it was not for that debacle last week with the Rams. We need to get some points this week against the lonely Lions and finish them early so we can all relax and watch.

Tell me what is going on with Carlos Rogers? Maybe we can send Leigh Torrence to get ACL/MCL surgery with DR Andrews this off-season and have him come back ready for some football. Ade Jimoh would have been another player who could have used this injury for his own good but was not that lucky.

No videos of the Hip-Hip this week even though I did hear it went down with Marcus Washington leading the chant. We got something better with the 2 "Yo-Yo's" as Brian Gumbell likes to call them crashing the field this past Sunday.

Maybe we should move Randle-El to the punt cover team after looking at this tackle. What would we do without his 2 yard punt return average?


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Wow 4-1 who would have guessed? Tyler did and everyone seemed to doubt him. Seriously though we are looking good going into the next 3 games against teams who are 1-11 combined! I think we will know a lot more with how the Skins come out and play against the Rams. It should be a good test to make sure we don't start sleeping after the 2 big wins. Keep in mind the Skins are 8-2 over their last 10 games going back to last season.

What I have enjoyed most over the last 2 weeks are the videos captured after the games of the players, ZORNY, and of course the DANNY. So here is how I rank them.

3 - Jim Zorn with the 1st "new chant" after the Dallas Win. They are fired up!-

2 - Snyder fired up after the Dallas win. Where did his glasses go and did the team Doctor have to give him a "downer" to calm him down enough to get on the plane? Then Zorn calling out "Santana" to the media on stage!

1 - Snyder heading into the locker room after the Philly game. The man looks like me walking through the house after a BIG WIN!!

What's next the Danny sitting in the upper level at FedEx and eating in the parking lot before the game. Wow just imagin what it would be like to see The Danny being presented with the Lombardy trophy. The man's head seariously might blow off.

Hail To The Redskins!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Need I say more? Little Danny got his way today in Dallas!

How Bout Them Cowboys!!

You want to crown them? Crown their asses but there is nothing better then watching the Skins beat the "girls" in DALLAS!! The Skins looked sharp on both sides of the ball which was great to see! The Z-MAN might just know what the hell he is doing. The best part of the game for me was seeing Jerry Jones a.k.a "Bone Daddy" watch first hand from the sidelines.

Another take away from Horton tonight! He appears to be the man.

I was hoping we could split with the Cowboys and Eagles but imagine if we can take Philly next week and be 4-1 heading into what appears to be 3 easy games!! I guess we will see about 4-1 next week when we take on The Fat Bastard.

T.O has B.O